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Hello, I am Jonathon Smith. I work with Yoville and play it as well. Our group has noticed that people find ways through our system to hack, which is very disappointing to us. We do try to ban those people but its hard to get all of them. We also try to ban those who cheat, steal, and lie. In cheating we mean, cloning, coloring your hair, getting V.I.P stuff before they come out. Stuff like that... In Stealing we mean, hacking into accounts, putting cheats in during transfers, and more. We have updated our Trade and made it more secure now.  And in lying, we mean, saying you can 'double' someones coins, that is not at all possible. DONT FALL FOR IT!  We have made this site to help those who have gotten there money stolen. E-mail me at jsmith.yovillesupport@gmail.com with your password, email, URL, and the amount you were scammed for and we will try our best to give you back the coins you lost by scammers. Although, it may take up to 7 days to get put into your account! Thank you.

Dont forget to take our poll! go to 'About Us' then under that should say 'Poll'. We will have more up there soon.. Thank You 

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